Thearith Sa

Thearith Sa

Senior iOS Developer

(855) 92 306 333

Thearith has always been fascinated with new technologies. Born in the 90s in a third-world country, his young mind could see his VCR player and his gaming console, albeit being a Chinese PlayStation One knock-off, as nothing but technological wonders. The need to unravel such wonders and to feed his seemingly never-ending curiosity drove him into the fields of technology.


He majored in Computer Science in his home country before he was granted a full-ride scholarship to study in Osaka Electronics College in Japan where he majored in Electronics Engineering and Robotics. He returned to his developing country after three years with an Associate’s Degree hoping to utilize his knowledge.


To his disappointment and much to his expectation, the position of Electrician or Electronics Technician was virtually non-existent back home. He was, however, able to taught himself many skills required for his career. For the past three years he has worked as a mobile application developer and a web-based CRM application developer.

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